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Mavi 16oz

Mavi 16oz


Mauby is a drink that is consumed in Barbados. Sugar and the bark of a small tree are used to make this drink which has an acquired taste. A Mauby bark is an herb that is typically found in a species of trees that is found primarily in the Bahamas. It is also found in the other Caribbean islands.


In Barbados, Mauby is usually bought as syrup and water added to make the drink but many still make it themselves at home from the original bark. Its taste resembles root beer with a bitter after taste.  The name Mauby was originally the name for another drink which was apparently made from sweet potatoes


In olden days Mauby was sold my a ‘Mauby woman’ who had the Mauby container on her head on top a ‘cotta’ or ‘cotter’ as a form of support for the container. A cotter is usually made of cloth or, if cloth is hard to come by, the people in the country would use ‘banana leaf’ or ‘cowslip’ (a binding weed, like ivy). Mauby is no longer sold by a ‘Mauby woman’, instead it is sold in glass or plastic containers.

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